miércoles, 28 de septiembre de 2011

THE FROWNING CLOUDS - All night long - 7"

Joder si!!!! De nuevo estos jovenzuelos se ganan nuestros corazones con otro pedazo de disco: un 7" con dos temazos con los que se alejan del punto "stones" y de qué manera! Grandísimas cara A con "All Night Long" y cara B con "Dame a Dozen". Y creo que vienen al Purple Weekend...

"One year after their resounding Listen Closelier LP (Saturno / Off The Hip, 2010), the Australian fab five are back again with a brilliant 7”; two new songs that show us a band at their best.
All Night Long is the perfect party song, an absolute A-sider, a boisterous tune that you can boogie to while downing copious amounts of liquor on a sunny afternoon; a song made for inappropriate hip gyrations and dislocating limbs on the dance floor as you lose yourself in the jangly guitars and catchy hooks.
In the B side the Clouds explore new ways: Dame A Dozen is an amazing west-coast garage tune, tinged with the magic of a never-ending sunset.
This single is just where The Frowning Clouds are at circa 2011: they keep playing and compossing like the best 60s bands, as well as they have won a lot of own personality in this last year. They sound less stonesy, but more Frowning Clouds: a band in the top of their creativity that grows in every release with giant steps.
As the result of a maturing process, this 7” is a sincere, personal work: since the hand-made collage-cover till the musical production -infused with warmth and energy that only lo-fidelity can engender- we find a band that want to show theirselves as they really are.
And they are damn good. Probably, the bests."

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